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Introducing Advanced Recreational Goods, Inc - dba ARG. We are a manufacturer of pool products. Although our name is new to you, we are a manufacturer of pool products made up of highly experienced pool industry veterans. Our company is comprised of individuals who have worked for one or more of the industry OEM grade pool replacement parts and white goods manufacturers. If you have used waterfalls from the leading waterfall mfg in the past, chances are some of our experienced team members made them. ARG has been making and selling pool products in Europe and Latin America for years. We are excited to now offer our line of water features in the US and Canada!  Our goal is to offer superior service with competitive pricing. We are dedicated to earning your business every day! We are excited to show what we can do for you. The rep you received this from also has sold and serviced these items in the past - we have many years of experience we want to put to work for you and your customers!We are starting in the US and Canada with Pool Waterfalls and Deck Jets. We will be coming out with many more items - our goal is to offer unique items or items that are above what the competition offers.

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